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The Craft as Contemporary Art residency took place from November 04 – December 06, 2019 and brought together a group of artists to explore what it means to create art using materials and processes associated with practices of craft. Contemporary art continues to make room for and popularize ceramics, textiles, hand-making, decoration and materiality. This program investigated how these disciplines and approaches are being activated and considered the ideas craft is being asked to communicate.

Lead faculty: Nicole Burisch, Guest faculty: Cannupa Hanska Luger and Shannon Bool

Photo credit: artist Grace Han’s studio during the Banff Clay Revival residency.

The Brick Factory @ NCECA 2012I just got back from a whirlwind trip to the annual NCECA (National Council for Education in the Ceramic Arts) conference, held in Seattle this year. I was there with the other members of The Brick Factory (a performance collective we formed during a residency at Watershed last summer). We presented a series of live performances over the course of 4 days as part of the Project Space exhibitions. Performances ranged from ceramic-themed reworkings of well-known historical performance art works, new original works created specifically for NCECA, and a few off-site interventions. For more information and documentation, check out The Brick Factory website, where we will be adding more posts soon.

Presented as part of the 42nd Annual NCECA conference
(co-curated with Robin Lambert)

Michael Flaherty
Carole Epp
Shannon Isfeld
Lia Tajcnar

The field of contemporary ceramics has long relied on strong ties to the techniques and traditions of ceramic history for the basis of its conceptual investigations. Due to the richness of this past, ceramic artists have no shortage of historical material that can be mined, referenced, and reworked. Like any specialized field with a long and respected history, ceramics has developed its own unique and sometimes-insular collection of methodologies, mythologies, dogma, cult figures, celebrities, and in-jokes. While this prevailing regard for history no doubt reveals a certain measure of respect for what came before, it has also opened up an irresistible opportunity to take these dearly-held beliefs and to crack them open, poke fun at them, to investigate, question, and talk back.

Clockwise from top left: Andi Silver, Carmen Schroeder, CathyTerepocki, Chris Faulkner, Robin Lambert, Tyler Fritz

Groundswell: Emerging Ceramic Artists in Alberta
This exhibition brought together the work of Chris Faulkner, Tyler Fritz, Robin Lambert, Carmen Schroeder, Andi Silver, and Cathy Terepocki, six emerging artists involved in the Alberta ceramics community. The exhibition took place at the Triangle Gallery (now Contemporary Calgary), from March 17 – May 5, 2005 and accompanied Form & Fire: Aspects of Modernism in Alberta Ceramics.

Image credits: Clockwise from top left: Andi Silver, Carmen Schroeder, Cathy Terepocki, Chris Faulkner, Robin Lambert, Tyler Fritz