Remediations @ Centre[3]


Nathalie Bujold / Wednesday Lupypciw / Levente Sulyok / Shaheer Zazai
September 10 – October 23, 2021
Co-curated with Sally Frater

The second in a three-part series of exhibitions at Centre[3] for Artistic + Social Practice that explore the connections between textiles and technology, Remediations brings together artists who use textiles – whether weaving, knitting, embroidery, or their representations – to reflect on communication technologies and their development over time. While some works draw upon current platforms for commercial and interpersonal exchange, such as Etsy, Ebay, or dating sites, others reference older methods for transmitting language and culture, such as television or word processing. Together, this selection comments on the ways in which technology itself is ‘constructed’ or ‘crafted’ by those that design, use, and implement its various functions. Elements of nostalgia and personal memory are interwoven with critical commentary on how cultural identity, gender, class, and sexuality can shape or be shaped by technological spaces. 

As part of the exhibition, Centre[3] also hosted an online symposium, Web of Connections, featuring artist talks and workshops.

Extra thanks to Lesley Loksi Chan for all her assistance and patience in organizing the exhibition and the symposium.

Photo credit: Mire de couleurs / Colour Bars by Nathalie Bujold.

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